“I Dreamed a Dream” – Auditioning is a…a-hem…a real pain! In this premier and first episode of Drama Queenz we are introduced first to Jeremiah Jones (Dane Joseph) an actor and proud resident of Queens, New York. When Jeremiah gets an unnerving phone call his morning seems to turn into a confusing and panicked haze. Once Jeremiah gets a move on it, literally, we are introduced to the second roommate Davis Roberts (Kristen-Alexzander Griffith) who is so close to his Broadway dream that he can taste it. Unfortunately, for our boys, those Broadway dreams are going to have to wait. Enter the third roommate, Preston Mills III (Troy Valjean Rucker) who offers some over do food therapy. Little does Preston know his dreams are just as ill fated as his roommates, it looks like Preston should have saved a cookie or six, for himself! Watch how these three best friends deal with life, love and pursuing their dreams in the city.


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