Now there’s a delightful quotation for you, as read aloud on the floor of the Arizona state senate on March 17 by Republican Senator Lori Klein.

The comments came from a letter written by a Glendale-area substitute teacher, Tony Hill, who says “almost all Hispanic and a couple of Black children” refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance, denounce English and opine that “White Americans are racist,” according to Linda Valdez’s write-up for, the online site of the Arizona Republic. According to Valdez,

Glendale Elementary School District, which knows its students better than a substitute teacher could, says it doesn’t believe the criticisms are accurate. Hill didn’t mention the allegations when he completed an exit report on his day in the classroom.

Valdez notes that 43% of Arizona’s population under age 18 is now Latino and laments the “Latino-bashing” going on on the senate floor.

Alexandra Wallace had the presence of mind to apologize and exit UCLA. Maybe Tony Hill will follow suit and quit substitute teaching. And wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if Senator Klein reconsidered the wisdom of entering unsubstantiated slurs against entire groups of people into the public record, said she was sorry, and left the senate to do some truly constructive public service?

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