As right-wing efforts to repeal last year’s historic healthcare reform law continue, this plea by the head of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights must be taken to heart.

As an African-American man, I can expect my life to be six years shorter than that of the average American.

That’s six fewer years watching my daughters thrive as young women, six fewer years with my wife and six fewer years to be an active participant in the country I love. Even as the homicide rate for black men has decreased, this stubborn disparity persists.

Why is this the case? In large measure, it’s lack of access to healthcare. Efforts to scale back the scope of Affordable Care Act are terribly counterproductive, especially considering how inadequate the law already is turning out to be — far better than nothing, but too hobbled by special interests to do what’s really needed:

Provide comprehensive, affordable coverage to everyone in America.

Affordable Care Act chart

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