With the recent merciful cancellation of ABC’s longtime soap All My Children, many fan favorites are returning for brief appearances including Josh Duhamel and Thorsten Kaye.  Now comes word that Eva La Rue, who starred on the show from 1993-97 and 2002-05 as Dr. Maria Santos Grey, will be coming back to Pine Valley for a visit, as well.

Her character was a breakthrough for Latinos on soaps.  A smart, sexy doctor who often battled with Erica Kane, Maria was the center of a large, multi-generational family who was tied into almost every storyline on the show during their height.  Maria.  Mateo.  Julia.  Anita.  Rosa.  And their pushy parents.  They were usually half of a supercouple on the show.  But those were the old days  when soaps were actually more diverse than they are today.  There were African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans and gay and lesbian characters in Pine Valley back then.  When the show started to lose all these characters, that’s when they lost a lot of viewers, too.

La Rue eventually joined the cast of Her brother on the show, Mateo, was played by Mark Consuelos.  Be on the lookout for him to be returning as well.

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