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LaVerne McKinnon will exit EPIX.  The former EVP of original programming had been at her post for two years. Prior to that she had been president of the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment.  Recently the EPIX feature division propped The Captains, William Shatner’s documentary of the Star Trek captains, at Comic-Con.

This makes the second opportunity for CAPE to procure a talented and experienced business individual into its Executive Director position.  Its current ED, Jennifer Sanderson, has roiled artists and board members alike.  Insiders say that Sanderson’s lack of business background and skills and her desire to forward her own artistic career has damaged the reputation of the non-profit, forcing long-time board members to quit until she is removed. One insider revealed that Sanderson threatened to abandon CAPE in the midst of pending projects unless she was promoted to ED and secured a significant raise.  That insider claimed that her current salary exceeds 60K.

Janice Tanaka, recently let go from her position when FOX Diversity was eliminated, is another respected leader who has ties with her community and the ability to raise capital for an organization that has struggled to maintain operating level given the size of its largest cost: salary.  Tanaka was manager at FOX Diversity and prior to that headed Visual Communications.

Recently CAPE quit posting its members on its website; per a recent check, it was just over 500 members, with a $75 membership fee.  In its sponsorship package, CAPE refers to its 3000-email member list, not its paying member number.

Compare this to the recent uproar involving the 400K salary the incoming CSU San Diego Regent will make.  With an average tuition cost of $20,388 and 34,889 students, students alone pull in $711,316,932 in revenue.  The CSU Regent justified his salary by his ability to bring in millions of capital from outside sources.  While we don’t advocate the high salary, it’s striking when compared to the salary output of CAPE, a non-profit.

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