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Fox retains the diversity in casting lead by a slim margin.  If the numbers are calculated using only ethnicity, FOX has a 25.1% onscreen diversity percentage in their fall and midseason schedules thus far.  If we include sexual orientation, FOX’s numbers increase to 26.6% — Chris Colfer is openly gay and Saffron Burrows is bisexual.  Openly lesbian Jasika Nicole has been accounted for in the ethnicity numbers.

*** Author’s note: While this article was in the editing queue, it was released that Breaking In was renewed for a second season.  With four main cast members as stated by the FOX website and Alphonso McAuley‘s being of African American descent, the percentages don’t change. There are now 143 roles with 36 (or 38) filled by diverse actors.***

As noted, executives were hard-pressed to come up with names at the Television Critics Association (TCA) tour of the actors of color in their employ, able at the moment of questioning to name only Shelley Conn from Terra Nova.  In fact, that show represents over 50% diversity onscreen thanks to the portrayal of an interracial marriage.  Of interest, however, is that the son is played by a Caucasian actor, though there no information is readily available as to whether that son is from a previous marriage.

Terra Nova

1 Male Lead-Caucasian

1 2nd Male Lead-Caucasian

1 Female Lead-1 Asian Shelley Conn

4 Female Supporting -1 Caucasian, 2 Asian Naomi Scott and Alana Mansour, 1 African American Christine Adams,

2 Male Supporting –This is a Hapa (half) Asian characters but Caucasian actor is cast; 1 Middle Eastern Mido Hamada


1 Male Lead -Caucasian

1 Female 2nd Lead-1 Caucasian

1 Male 2nd Lead-1 Caucasian

1 Male 3rd Lead-1 African American Omar Epps

2 Male Supporting -2 Caucasian

2 Female Supporting -1 Caucasian, 1 Asian Charlyne Yi




1 Male Lead-1 Caucasian

1 Female Lead-1 Caucasian

1 2nd Male Lead-1 Caucasian

1 2nd Female Lead-1 Caucasian

7 Supporting Female-4 Caucasian, 1 African American Amber Riley, 1 Asian Jenna Ushkovitz, 1 Latina Naya Rivera

5 Supporting Male-3 Caucasian—1 openly out, 2 Asian Harry Shum Jr. and Darren Criss

The New Girl

1 Female Lead-Caucasian

3 Male Supporting -1 African American Damon Wayans Jr., 2 Caucasian

1 Female Supporting -1 Asian Hannah Simone

Raising Hope

2 Male Leads-2 Caucasian

1 Female Lead-1 Caucasian

3 Female Supporting -3 Caucasian


X factor

1 Host-1 Male Caucasian

2 Female Judge 1 Asian Nicole Scherzinger, 1 Middle Eastern Paula Abdul

2 Male Judge-1 African American Antonio “L.A.” Reid, 1 Caucasian

I hate my teenage daughter

1 Female Lead-Caucasian

3 Female Supporting -2 Caucasian, 1 African American Aisha Dee

3 Male Supporting -2 Caucasian, 1 African American Chad Coleman

American Idol

1 Host-1 Caucasian

3 Judges-1 Caucasian , 1 Latina Jennfier Lopez, 1 African American Randy Jackson,




1 Male Lead-Caucasian

1 Female Lead-Caucasian

2 Supporting Female-1 African American Tamara Taylor, 1 Asian Michaela Conlin

2 Supporting Male-2 Caucasian



Kitchen Nightmares

1 Host-Caucasian


1 Female Lead-Caucasian

1 Male Lead-Caucasian

2 Supporting Male-1 African American Lance Riddick, 1 Caucasian

2 Supporting Female-1 African American Jasika Nicole  (openly out), 1 Caucasian


The Cleveland show

3 Males-1 African American Kevin Michael Richardson and 2 Caucasian

2 Females-2 African American Sanaa Lathan and Reagan Gomez



1 Female Lead-1 Caucasian

2 Male Leads-2 Caucasians

2 Female Supporting-2 Caucasian

Allen Gregory

1 Male Lead-Caucasian

3 Male Supporting -Caucasian

2 Female Supporting -1 Asian Joy Osmanski, 1 Caucasian

Family Guy

1 Male Lead-1 Caucasian

2 Female Supporting -2 Caucasian

2 Male Supporting – 2 Caucasian


American Dad

1 Male Lead- Caucasian

1 Female Lead- Caucasian

2 Male Supporting – 2 Caucasian

1 Female Supporting – 1 Caucasian


Bob’s Burgers

3 Females-Caucasian

2 males-Caucasian


Hell’s Kitchen

1 Host-Caucasian

2 Supporting Male-2 Caucasian

1 Female Supporting -1 Caucasian


So you think you can dance

1 Female Host-Caucasian

2 Primary Judges-1 Caucasian Male, 1 Caucasian Female


Master Chef

1 Male host-Caucasian

2 other male -2 Caucasian



1 Male host-Caucasian



1 Female Lead-Caucasian

1 Male Lead-Caucasian

1 Supporting Female-1 Asian Parminder Nagra

5 Male Supporting -2 Latino Jorge Garcia and Santiago Cabrera, 3 Caucasian


1 Male Lead-Caucasian

1-2nd Male Lead-1 African American Michael Clarke Duncan

1 Female-Caucasian—openly bisexual


Affion Crockett

1 Male Host -1 African American Affion Crockett

Napoleon Dynamite

1 Male Lead-1 Caucasian

4 Male Supporting-1 Latino Efren Ramirez, 3 Caucasian

2 Female Supporting-2 Caucasian


2 Male Leads

2 Female Leads


1 Male Lead-1 Caucasian

139 roles



–Ken Choy

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