We brought you behind the scenes in an exclusive report from the Writers Guild’s Latino Committee meeting/screening with the stars behind the new series Los Americans.

Now the series is about to get an unusual launch: inside buses driving around Los Angeles.

From L.A. Daily News (full article here):

Meet “Los Americans” – the Spanglish webcast of a middle-class Mexican-American family and soon to be the first telenovela aired on Metro buses across Los Angeles.

“It’s the relentless and blind pursuit of the American Dream – with a few nightmares sprinkled in,” said actor Esai Morales, star of “La Bamba” and “NYPD Blue” who plays Valenzuela in the eight-part web series.

The series, produced by the nonprofit One Economy Corp. and financed by a federal grant, will be broadcast by Transit TV across video screens aboard 1,700 buses.

Aired in eight weekly segments beginning Sept. 5, “Los Americans” will appear in 3-minute episodes looped to augment workday news, entertainment and local ads.

It targets the Latino majority of Los Angeles County bus riders – for an estimated 1.1million passenger views a day, or a total of 25 million viewers over eight weeks.

Despite the series’ pithy length, its makers say it features Latino-Americans in a realistic way seldom seen on TV or in other media.

Cool idea.  We hope it catches on.

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