Last place in diversity is CBS and its so-called sister-network, The CW.  Now CBS has announced it is developing a TV series based on April Woo, the character of a series of murder-mystery novels by Leslie Glass.  The deal is with Jim Serpico and Denis Leary’s Apostle.

Last year author Glass stated in her blog that she is half-Chinese but not by blood — whatever that means.   Wait, here’s what it means: The first biographical data Glass includes on her site is that she was raised by a Chinese chef from Hong Kong.  Her father, Milton Gordon, was the producer of Lassie and, oddly enough, the TV series The New Adventures of Charlie Chan. Her mother was a protégée of Eleanor Roosevelt.

April Woo cover

Previously Glass’ April Woo series was optioned for features.  In the books, Woo is the head detective on Coney Island, Brooklyn, in New York.

There has been no casting attachment info released yet for the show, a procedural drama.  Come on back to Wide Lantern for updates.


–Ken Choy

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