Happy and gay.  A lot of both.  That’s my strongest impression of D23.  I wrote my “straight” reporting article for you a couple of weeks ago, and now we can dish some.

There were so many hot gay men at D23 I thought it was gay pride weekend.  And many of them work for Disney.

But there were also attendees who were unquestionably straight, showing that the influence of Disney is indeed universal.  Because D23 was mainly attended by ardent Disney fans, it made me wonder what binds people to the brand.  I’ve mentioned that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and admit that I dressed up for a midnight release once, but I don’t think I would dig my Slytherin cape out more than periodically.

I’m not saying dressing up as Aladdin and Gaston is some kind of furry fetish, but with its many properties, adjuncts, and divisions, Disney provides so much content — how can a Disney fan ever be fulfilled?

D23 did make a good attempt at wish fulfillment, however.  And I did have enormous fun.  I’m still torn up over not having bought at least a commemorative pin.  But my cameraman, a closet Disney fan, bought enough for the both of us.

It’s always freezing in the Anaheim Convention Center.   Tinkerbells — the cosplayers, not the gay pejorative — were shivering.  The organizers must have realized that because the temperature went up as the Expo went on.

The Arena is cramped.  Sitting for a three hour panel on upcoming movies was deep vein thrombosis-inducing. I had to stand up and cheer the Avengers cast or suffer a blood clot.  I didn’t get Robert Downey’s rush to leave the stage, especially with Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johannson, Jeremy Renner, et al., up there with him.  His commanding that the trailer — already seen by those who bothered to stay after the end credits of Captain America — be shown a second time left the celebs on stage in the dark.  And that was it.

More than regretting not buying a pin, I regret snatching up more of the cupcakes Pixar’s John Lasseter gave out to celebrate Pixar’s 25th anniversary.  People left them at their seats.  And yet there was a huge crowd when they gave out cupcakes at a booth.  I still have my cupcake in the fridge; being gluten-intolerant, I just wanted the plastic container bound with the anniversary adhesive.  I can always sell it on eBay even though the cupcake is mushed.  No one else is selling it.  Darn!  But that could be because no one is buying it.


I get the nostalgic thing going with The Muppets but was taken aback at their getting the biggest applause of the day.  More yiffers?  (I had to look that term up.)  Were people turned on by seeing a clip from Monster U as well? John Goodman is almost as furry in real life as his animated counterpart, Sulley.  I prefer John Goodman as a human, but that’s just me.

Tinkerbell.  Cupcake.  Muppet.  The Urban Dictionary already has had a field day with these.  I’m blushing on Number 22 for one of these.  Find it yourself.

Definitely the gayest place on Earth!

–Ken Choy

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