Latest updates: Soulja boy’s controversial song “Let’s Be Real” may get him banned from visting military bases.  It may not be online much longer, what with publicity people supposedly working to scrub it offline (and make sure it’s not on future album releases), though it can still be seen here.  Excerpted from


Soldiers Start Online Petition Against Rapper
1:30PM ET September 6th, 2011
Contributor : Chris G.
A Rocky Williform Company


Rapper Soulja Boy is facing an ever-growing backlash over comments he made against the armed forces in a new track called “Let’s Be Real.” A military veteran has started an online petition to have the rapper’s music banned from U.S. military bases.

In the song, Soulja Boy raps: “F**k the FBI and the army troops/fighting for what?/Be your own man/I be flying through the clouds with green like I’m Peter Pan.”


Soulja Boy issued an apology over the lyric. “In no way would I ever want to offend those who are protecting our freedoms … a lot of homeboys who I grew up with, a lot of people who come from the neighborhoods we live in,” he said. “In no way do I want to hurt any of our honorable soldiers who put their lives at risk, regardless of how they feel about the two wars we fight in. I am just frustrated that we haven’t been able to bring you all home quick enough and my frustration got the best of me. I am deeply sorry.”

You can read the full apology here, along with a batch of mostly angry and unforgiving comments.

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