If Carrie Ann Inaba has to search online for love, is there any hope for the rest of us?

Carrie Ann popped up on Yahoo’s top ten searches yesterday (she hit #1 mid-afternoon), as a Yahoo OMG! post detailed how she met her fiancé on the dating website.  The post, culled from an Access Hollywood Live interview with producer and Dancing With the Stars judge Inaba, reveals that she didn’t post a photo — other websites have selections to delete profiles sans photos … so I hear — but stated that her criteria were sexiness and love of cats.

Flash forward two years, and her fiancé, Jesse Sloan, proposes on national TV on Live With Regis and Kelly.

As if the online dating revelation weren’t enough of a slap in the face, this came months after Carrie Ann and I made a date.  It’s on record here!

Inaba also commented about an on-air spat between Maks Chmerkovskiy and Len Goodman….  After his dance with partner Hope Solo, Maks suggested Goodman’s time in the business was up after hearing the judge’s criticism.  Inaba immediately snapped back at Maks, protective of Goodman.

Later, when Maks made a heated on-air remark to Brooke Burke Charvet that it was “his” show, Carrie Ann was shown taking exception to that comment.  Inaba quelled rumors of antagonism on the show, explaining that tensions were high.  And that it’s her red dress that draws out the craziness.  She only wears it once per season.

So what hope is left for y’all if a highly sexy, successful, and supple woman like Carrie Ann has to search out love on the Internet?  There’s always fantasizing.

Apropos of all this, here are some blogs I found about forlorn and unrequited love.  I hope they soothe the searing pain underneath your skin.  Works for me … to a point.

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Carrie Ann Inaba

Photo courtesy of Carrie Ann Inaba

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