Girl in a Coma's "Smart" video

Do you know Girl in a Coma, the San Antonio band?  They’re compact, with just three members (two sisters, Nina and Phanie Diaz, and their old friend Jenn Alva, all Mexican-American), but they rock big.  Signed with Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records label in ’06, played at SXSW several times, opened for The Pogues, Social D, and other big names.

Heard of writer/director Jim Mendiola?  He rocks, too, but don’t take our word for it.  Watch his latest music video, done up for Girl in a Coma’s new single, “Smart.”  It premiered on Rolling Stone‘s website this week.

Jim was born in San Antonio but is based in L.A. now.  He’s an award-winning filmmaker and Rockefeller Intercultural Media Fellow.  Learn more about his work here and here.

If the words “girl in a coma” ring a bell, that’s because the 80s brought us The Smiths, featuring the brooding Morrissey, and their song “Girlfriend in a Coma.”  That song is the inspiration for Girl in a Coma’s name, and for a dollop of their musical style as well.  Morrissey himself must have appreciated this, as he had the band open for him on part of his 2007 tour.

An 80s vibe buzzes through Mendiola’s video, shot in an industrial area of San Antonio and reveling in supersaturated colors and grainy textures that bring to mind Super 8 film.  (Super 8 conveyed nostalgia even back in the 80s, since the format got its start in the late 60s and was associated with childhood home movies for people coming of age in the 80s).  Dreamy flourishes abound, as do just-plain-cool shots of the band hanging, meandering, and playing.

But why read about all this when you can see and hear for yourself?

More Mendiola-related videos — including other Girl in a Coma collaborations — await you here.

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