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Here at Wide Lantern, we believe Green spans the spectrum of diversity.  Hopefully that will prove the case at this weekend’s Green Festival at the L.A. Convention Center.

For those who hear “festival” or “convention” and immediately think, “What goodies do I get?,” you won’t be disappointed.  There’s also a cornucopia of events and programming worth taking a look at.

By the way, from the corner of the diversity spectrum this reporter is most familiar with: California’s Asian Americans overwhelmingly identify themselves as environmentalists, 83% compared to the 52% average of all voters.  The 2008 California League of Conservation (LCV) Voters Education Fund poll interviewed over 1000 Asian American voters and compared the results to a poll of state voters (poll pdf here).  The results were no surprise to me, since I’ve been accused of trying to recycle practically everything, including air….  Yet disappointingly, environmentalists have not aggressively targeted the Asian Pacific Islander community.

The LCV provides only limited information about Latinos’ environmental values, but here’s what they do say:

With the Latino population continuing to grow, Latinos are largely considered strong environmental voters. A 2010 Los Angeles Times/USC poll on environmental attitudes produced results that continued to demonstrate that Latino voters are environmental voters.


Merch and stuff

OK, ready now to do your holiday shopping?  Take in the festival’s Green Marketplace, with hundreds of businesses and organizations represented.  Browse everything from green, non-toxic home furnishings to organic clothing to Fair Trade gifts, children’s toys and more.  There’ll be an Everyday Eco-Fashion Show to take in while the kids are at the Green Kid’s Zone, full of workshops, films, storytimes, entertainment, workshops, and hands-on demos including the The Ooey Gooey Awesomeness of Worm Poop.


Fitness and stuff

Your body, mind, and spirit will definitely get a boost with a packed schedule of yoga, tai chi and bellydancing classes, all for free.  This sounds particularly interesting: Ancient Secrets of Longevity: 5 Tibetan Rites and Chakra Yoga (happening on Sunday).  I’ll be sure to force myself to explore the other pavilions despite the temptation to stay in the Yoga and Movement Pavilion all day.


Food and stuff

Along with finding snacks and treats at the booths, something for your stomach awaits at the Good Food Stage, with live demonstrations and, undoubtedly, sampling.  A while back, I got passed along a business card of Bryan Au’s and am anxious to see what he’s all about.  He’ll be making a five-minute raw chocolate cake.  My sweet tooth just tingled, and it will be more than taken care of by presentations of Cafe Graditude, The Farmer’s Kitchen, and Leaf Organics to name a few.  I’ll be at the foot of the stage for the gluten-free-specializing Mac–n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats.

There will be several Spanish-language food-related (and other) presentations as well.

While you rest your stomach, you can take in films, music performances, seminars, and workshops, or take a test drive in Ford’s new hybrids.  Which reminds me, in a few weeks, at the L.A. Auto Show, also at the convention center, the Green Car of the Year® Award will be announced.



There’ll also be several communication hubs for the latest in social media techniques and online activism tips.  There are twelve pavilions to maintain your interest throughout the weekend, with a Green Bash Saturday night at the Grammy Museum around the corner from the convention center.


Celeb appearances

Q'orianka Kilcher

Q'orianka Kilcher

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Q’orianka Kilcher, seen in the title role of the film Princess Ka’iluani as well as on Sons of Anarchy, will introduce the Nation’s Mark Hertsgaard’sHot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth” presentation.  Goddess Lisa Ling and Hunkolas Esai Morales and Hill Harper will join stalwarts of the Green movement Ed Begley, Jr., Rachelle Carson, and Frances Fisher for “Celebrities for Social Change – in Action!”  Harper, an actor, author, and cancer survivor, will also be on the panel “Black, Brown and Green, Communities of Color Leading the Way,” while Ling will moderate “Women, Media and Power: Stories of Emerging Voices.”  Blogger Siel Ju (Green L.A. Girl) will appear on panels and at the Social Media Hub.

Esai Morales

Esai Morales


A packed weekend, this, as the Green Festival competes with Long Beach Comic Con and many other events this weekend.  I definitely know where I’ll be at, yoga mat in tow.

Ken Choy

photo of Pumpkin Cranberry Morsels courtesy of Mac–n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats

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