Most writers can only dream of selling a pilot.  People kill for the chance merely to pitch to an executive.  Well, Teresa Huang not only met with CBS — she also sold them a pilot.

The multi-talented writer and actress reported her good news over the weekend on her blog, Teresapalooza.  As if that’s not a pot of gold in itself, the entertainment industry rainbow has sprinkled more happiness her way.  Tuesday she shoots another episode of Grey’s Anatomy, appearing in the ep along with Glee’s Michael Chang Sr., Keong Sim.  The episode is directed by Academy Award-winner Jessica Yu (Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O’Brien).  Huang was recently seen on the season opener for Grey’s as a cantankerous nurse.

Huang is not new to the writer’s room, having been staffed on the recent incarnation of Knight Rider.  Also a producer, her Misusing Irony has picked up several film festival awards, including the Audience Choice award at the SoCal Film Fest.

On the acting side, Huang, a former The Riches series regular, will star in the webseries Mixed Blooms, for which the launch is this Tuesday as well.  Ever-busy, Huang will also make an appearance at the DGA AAC Ang Lee event before her launch party at Lola’s in West Hollywood.

Huang was selected as a participant in the Asian American Independent Features Conference last October at the Japanese American National Museum’s ID Film Fest, headed by Quentin Lee and Koji Steven Sakai.  Huang has been a stalwart member of the MAPID Writing group and provides assistance to emerging artists personally and via her blog detailing the finer points of the entertainment industry.

Huang’s blog takes her readers along on her journey with daily updates.  Details about the pilot sold haven’t yet been revealed, but we at Wide Lantern will be sure to press the wunderkind for more details.  Stay tuned.  As well as to CBS someday, we hope (if the next million hurdles can be leapt) for Huang’s pilot.

photos courtesy of Teresa Huang


–Ken Choy

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