Almost missed this one since we’re L.A.-based, but the New York Daily News was one of too few news outlets to cover a Black/Latino march in NYC earlier this week in support of the OWS protests.  Here’s an excerpt:


New York Daily News march photo

David Handschuh, New York Daily News

Hundreds of Latinos and blacks staged their own city marathon Monday, marching down the length of Manhattan to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protest.

The day after the real city marathon was contested, the ranks marched to the beat of drums and horns, from Washington Heights to the Downtown base of “the 99 percent.”

The 11-mile trek to Zuccotti Park was meant to show a need to inject greater diversity into the huddled masses clamoring for social change and accountability on Wall Street.

“I’m a person of color,” said Columbia doctoral student Anita Gundanna, 35, of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, who held a sign reading: “Si! Si! Si! From the Heights to Wall Street.”

“There should be more people of color represented in the protest,” she added.


“This march is important to me,” said drummer Carlos Cabrera, 34, of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. “It represents the Hispanic community.”

“We are a minority in the United States,” he added.

“We have been oppressed for so many years. We have lived in poverty for so many years. Today we have an opportunity, given by Occupy Wall Street, to protest these conditions.”

State Sen. Adriano Espaillat, one of the organizers, was at the vanguard of the march, holding a megaphone. He said he was speaking out for residents of some of the city neighborhoods that have been hit hardest by unemployment.

“Neighborhoods like this have been in a permanent recession – Washington Heights, Harlem, East Harlem,” he said.

“We have double-digit unemployment, housing costs through the roof.

“Occupy Wall Street is echoing what we have been feeling for decades.”


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Photos by David Handschuh, NY Daily News

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