Hawai'ian musician Makana

Makana reveals protest shirt, plays protest song in front of world leaders

Musician Makana, aka “Hawai’i’s Guitar Hero,” has been cheered by the Occupy Wall Street movement for his daring performance November 12 at an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation dinner attended by President Obama and other world leaders.

While performing —  incidental music, not a spotlight performance — Makana unbuttoned his suit jacket to reveal a T-shirt emblazoned with “Occupy with Aloha.”  He then played his protest song, “We are the Many,” for 45 minutes, repeating the last phrases “Till you do the bidding of the many, not the few. We are the many, you are the few” multiple times in different ways.

Makana took on his Hawai’ian name after dispensing with the moniker Ki Ho’alu Kid. He was born Matthew Swalinkavich.  While not kanaka maoli (native Hawai’ian), Makana was born on the islands and is considered by many to be the greatest living slack key guitarist.

A music video of the song on YouTube has nearly 200K hits.


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–Ken Choy and AW

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