Today I received a message from the Asian American marketing and PR firm IW Group, which has been outsourced by Rick Ramirez at Warner Bros. to target Asian Pacific Islander bloggers and social media.  The note was a pitch for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Why is the film of special relevance to Asian Americans?  The e-mail pointed out that it’s produced by Taiwanese-born producer Dan Lin.

It didn’t mention that Robert Downey Jr. disguises himself in yellowface in the film, looking like an opium-addicted Fu Manchu.

Ramirez, Senior Vice President, Targeted Marketing, came under fire at the Banana 2 Conference for pitching Sucker Punch as an Asian American film because it used anime themes.  The bloggers weren’t receptive, to say the least.

I interviewed Lin, who is on the board of Coalition of Asian Pacifics of Entertainment (CAPE), last December before the news broke out about the yellowface.  No word on intrepid reporters who asked Lin about it at the annual gala recently.  CAPE did come under fire for its honoring of CBS and Hawai’i Five O for its lack of API guest stars.


Here are a few links about the yellowface.
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–Ken Choy

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