HBO's Bored to Death


HBO un-hung Hung’s chimney stockings, canceling the show just in time for the holidays.  The show starred the unabashedly non-ethnic and gay john preying Thomas Jane.  The network also axed Bored to Death and How to Make it in America.  And Ryan Murphy said that the characters from American Horror Story are all dead, so, natch, they won’t be back next year.  No information on the great cast, which includes Jessica Lange.

So with reruns on the tube and retreads and racist cosmetics on the big screen, there’s not much entertainment beyond shopping and shipping.

Recently FedEx and UPS deliverers were caught on camera shot-putting packages over fences and giving the finger to security cameras, all to be replayed by morning TV talk shows and throughout the Internet.

Are we supposed to be surprised by the thoughtlessness?

One of the boxes hurled was a large-screen monitor.  We’re assuming it wasn’t signed for — what company would send a monitor in its manufacturer’s box without an outer box or at least wrapping anyway — so presumably FedEx would be responsible for the damage.  All the delivery person was doing was delaying the enjoyment of the monitor by the recipient.

Glendale Galleria

Glendale Galleria. Beware the Groper (read on)

As for shopping, Southern California’s Glendale Galleria qualifies as the Grinch of gallerias this year.  The Macerich-owned mall held its annual Merrier Fridays promotion in which a customer spends $150 at the mall and is rewarded by the mall with a $20 gift card usable anywhere American Express is taken.  Sounds awesome, yeah?  Well, the first Friday, what was supposed to be gift cards turned out to be cards with zero balances.  I found out about the non-activated cards by checking mine two weeks later.  Was I contacted by the mall?  Yeah, right.  My name and info was easily found on their list of people who got the gift card, so why the lack of proactiveness?  (Proaction?  Proactivity?)

The last week of the promotion the employees told people not to wait in line before the redemption hours began.  Only 25 were given over a four-hour redemption period.  Of course, this wasn’t mentioned on the mall signs or website.  Messages and complaints to customer service were not addressed.  It was over before it even started.

The mall advises shoppers that unexpected delights await.  How about being tricked into spending $150 at the mall and not even getting a lump of coal?

To top off the indignation, now there’s also a Glendale Groper to deal with, a guy who reportedly gropes you, then giggles post-grope.  He’s still at large, and Galleria shoppers are warned to keep a watchful eye.  The offender is described as Middle Eastern, 5’9” with dark hair and a thin build.

So it appears that no matter whether you shop online or at a brick-and-mortar, you’re bound to encounter some Scrooge-like behavior.  Bah humbug.


–Ken Choy

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