I cannot believe I haven’t heard more about this and only found out circuitously, by accident.  Have the watchdog groups, have the decision makers, have the viewing public not only turned a blind eye, but irrevocably plucked that eye from the socket of sensibility when it comes to blackface?

Frank Caliendo as Charles Barclay

Frank Caliendo as Charles Barclay on Fox Sports ... on MLK Day

Last Sunday before the divisional playoff Giants-Packers game, Fox Sports had comic Frank Caliendo sport blackface to mimic Charles Barkley.  And wasn’t that on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend?

Furthermore Caliendo as pseudo-Barkley obsessively rants about the deceased Kim Jong Il.  Extra absurdity: Kenny “the Jet” Smith plays alongside the shoe-polished comic.

I haven’t heard trumpets blaring on Asian American blogs chastising the actors for their parts as North Korean soldiers or the tyrant himself.

Did I miss NAACPs condemnation while away at CES?  Along with its response to HBO Angry Boys blackface?

At least The Daily Beast brings up the subject….

Is the current situation at all Robert Downey Jr.’s fault for playing an Australian actor playing an African American in Tropic Thunder and having his actor character play the part stereotypically?  Did all that get lost, making people throw up their hands on seeing blackface mined for comedy and say, “it’s okay.  Al Jolson me again.”

Speaking of Downey, one watchdog group had no problem with the actor’s yellowface in Sherlock Holmes 2 as long as his eyes weren’t pulled back.  Free range for racism?



–Ken Choy

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