On becoming a spokesperson for JCPenney, Ellen Degeneres came under attack for her new, highly visible role with the company by a group called One Millon Moms.

The talk show host addressed the One Million Moms hate campaign in her monologue February 8.   JCPenney has not caved in to the prejudice-based protests.

More about JC Penney’s latest incarnation: In unveiling their recent marketing change and pricing strategy, JCPenney pretty much admitted they had been marking up prices to mark them down.  This may have contributed to six consecutive poor quarters.  Well, their new strategy is no more coupons, no more percentage-off signs, no more temporary markdowns unless for style changes or close-out merchandise.  Sounds like practices consumers would have expected in the first place, but better late than never.

The company calls the campaign Fair And Square pricing.  Will it work?  Consumers’ trust has to be earned back.

In any event, in standing firm in support of their hiring of Degeneres, JCPenney surely has gained at least some of that trust back, and a lot of goodwill among people of goodwill.


—Ken Choy

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