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Friends at Racebending.com retweeted an L.A. Weekly blog about a UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center report on the representation of Academy Award nominees, winners, and the effects of winning a statuette.  “Not Quite a Breakthrough: The Oscars And Actors of Color, 2002-2012,”

The title of the LA Weekly post is “Academy Award Winners Haven’t Included Latino Actors, Nonwhite Actresses in 10 Years”

And an update states:

[Update at 9 p.m.]: The Awards broke the 10-year dry spell for minorities in major categories tonight when Octavia Spencer won best supporting actress for her role as an outspoken maid in The Help.

Shocking, yes. But not exactly true. Dennis Romero forgets about Mo’Nique‘s winning in 2009 as well as Best Actor Winners Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker.  And Jennifer Hudson.  There’s also Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, European Spaniards.  I guess including them would be based on what your interpretation of a Latino is.  Last year’s winner, Natalie Portman, was born in Israel, but I’m not sure if she considers herself Israeli at all.  Her parents emigrated from Russia and Poland.

I’m not arguing the fact that the Academy is sorely represented but so is the truth in the L.A. Weekly blog.

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—Ken Choy

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