So Simon Cowell promised he would deliver huge ratings and a new nationwide phenomenon to match American Idol.  Well, X Factor did not live up to that promise, and now the show has excised Steve Jones, the host, as well as Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

A huge hubub came about because the expulsion of Rachel Crow, who, in the episodes I watched, not only imitated diva singing but the diva attitude as well.

I didn’t see the episode on which she got cut, but much like Jenna Mulroney on 30 Rock this season, I would’ve said something like, “Your ‘tude ain’t worth the food in the green room, and your singing is causing unattractive frizzies in your hair.”

Both Abdul and Scherzinger were let go, the only remaining cast member being L.A. Reid, who will sit beside Cowell.

I wasn’t impressed with the format of the show; I thought it lacked substance and suspense.  Maybe across the ocean they’re content with their version, but then, maybe they’re just loading up on caffeine and sugar in the middle of the day and need something to let them down….

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