Remember those Citizens Against Government Waste ads from 2010 that propagated the Yellow Peril meme, replete with hordes of cackling Chinese students of the near future emblazoned with overlaid multimedia images of Mao Zedong and iconic images of civilization’s casualties, including America’s?

Well, yellow peril is once again rearing its ugly head, not for midterm elections this time, but in 2012.  Michigan viewers of the Super Bowl were subjected to this ad [click above for the version seen on Current TV’s The Young Turks, a must-watch show, weekdays at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific] … which tries to rebrand Senator Debbie Stabenow with the nickname “Senator SpenditNow.”  In broken English, a young woman, supposedly in China, thanks the Michigan senator for overspending, which in turn, says the ad, weakens America and strengthens China, taking jobs from Americans.

Approved by Republican senate candidate Pete Hoekstra of Michigan, the ad has sparked criticism even from some other Republicans (but likely more from Democrats, if you’re counting) for its racial insensitivity.

See for yourself.

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