America’s Most Wanted is seeking Guo Wei Wu — both an actor to portray him and the real-life 43-year-old Canadian wanted in the abduction of Jianguo (Tony) Han and Xiu Jun (Johnny) Fei, and for manslaughter charges relating to Han as well.

Han, a realtor for high-end properties, and Fei, the homeowner of the property Han was selling, were abducted in January 2011.  Fei was found a few days later alive but Han’s body was found in the basement of another home.

Coroners’ reports stated that Han suffered a heart attack after being abducted.  His captors reportedly bundled the body in a plastic bag and cemented it beneath the floor.  Because Han sustained a heart attack, manslaughter and kidnapping charges were filed, but not first-degree murder charges.

Wei Xin Huang, Gobinath Shanthkumar, Sohiab Malik, Senthuran Sabesan and Hinthurjin Baskaran have been arrested while Wei Wu — also known as Guowei Hung, David Wu and Peter Wu — is thought to be hiding in Vancouver.

In the casting call, actors are sought to portray all those listed above as well as Mikhail Troutanov, whose name may be the last one on the planet not to yield any Google results.  (The casting notice calls him Mikhial, but we searched Mikhail as well.)

AMW is an AFTRA show.  Casting are Billy DaMota and Dea Vise.

[ WEI WU ]
Male 45 years old, Hgt: 5’7″, Wgt: 160-170lbs, Medium Build. Chinese conman and murderer. SEE PHOTOS – PRINCIPAL – MUST MATCH.

Male Born in 1987, Hgt: 5’10”, Wgt: 140lbs Build Thin. SEE PHOTOS – U5 – MUST MATCH.

Born 1989 Male Hgt: 5’10”, Wgt: 160lbs, Medium Build. SEE PHOTOS – U5 – MUST MATCH.

Male, Born 1987. Hgt 5’10”, Wgt: 140lbs, Thin Build. SEE PHOTOS – U5 – MUST MATCH.

Male, Born 1989, Hgt: 5’9″, Wgt:140lbs, Thin Build. SEE PHOTOS – U5 – MUST MATCH.

Male, Born 1992, Hgt 6’0″, Wgt 200lbs, Medium Build. SEE PHOTOS – U5 – MUST MATCH.

Male, Born 1982, Hgt 5’5″, Wgt 150lbs, Thin Build. SEE PHOTOS – U5 – MUST MATCH.

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