From Wide Lantern’s newest contributor, Ed Lin, book author and three-time Asian American Literary Awards winner.  [A big welcome aboard, Ed!]:

It’s like the flag of its own country.

I totally was going to write about my trip to Houston in a funny kinda way, but the experience was so unexpected and too diffuse to pull together in a meaningful (and more importantly) funny way.  So I’ll just post some pics and write out comments.

Me: So you call these shitkickers?  Him: Actually, they were made in Italy.

Drinkin’ and hornin’.

Public art at the William P. Hobby airport.  Not made in Italy.

If you’re Asian and live in Houston, you will likely have your wedding reception here or at one of the other gigantic Chinese/Vietnamese facilities.

I put this photo up on Facebook and when I noted that I was in Texas, people wrote in saying, “That’s all?”  Hey, it was my second serving!

Kolaches.  Big.

I think I’d holler if I had to drive this highway every day like most everybody in Houston.

Think you know what Asian weddings are like?  How many families do you know that are deep enough in talent to *be* the band?  That’s the groom, Jon, singing, “Twist and Shout”!

My cousins Jon and Helen are the best.  They are going to do awesome!

Did I mention that I married them?

Keep the faith.


Ed Lin

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