Wide Lantern co-founder Curtis Chin; ABC/Disney Director of Talent Development and Diversity Frank Gonzalez; Wide Lantern co-founder Adam Wolman; writer and actress Teresa Huang; writer and actor Randall Park; Wide Lantern writer Ken Choy. (Missing: writer Brandon Easton and Producers Guild of America Diversity Committee member Charles Howard)

This is how self-obsessed I am: For some reason my beloved Calvin Klein jeans, bought for wayyyy cheap on clearance at Macy’s, started having their zipper mysteriously unzip of its own accord.  So on seeing this picture, taken after my having been onstage as panel moderator, I had to torture myself by looking closely and sure enough, there’s the zipper, partially unzipped.

Because I am a boxers guy, I always fear that in times like these, I may end up being fully out…y’know.  All I can say in this case is thank god for podiums.


–Ken Choy


Ken Choy

June Czerwinski photos

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