Here’s what the next two months look like for me:


May 31-June 3 Cine Gear

June 4 E3 Press Conferences

June 5-7 E3 Expo

June 8-10 Produced By Conference (awaiting confirmation of credential)

June 14-24 Los Angeles Film Festival

June 15-17 Am2

June 28-July 1 X Games (awaiting confirmation of credential)

June 29-July 2 Anime Expo

July 5-8 ITV Fest/PopCon La (awaiting confirmation of credential)

July 11-15 Comic Con

July 25-31 California Gift Show


Someone in nursing school sat next to me at the library and started coughing.  That’s all I need!

So it begins with Cine Gear Expo.  I’ve never gone before.  The expo part seems to be like NAB, except with a concentration on filmmaking.  Companies I’ve encountered at CES and NAB will be there, such as Tiffen, 3ality Technica, and Marshall Electronics.  With the smaller setting of Paramount Studios as opposed to the Las Vegas Convention Center, I’ll be able to spend more time at the booths.

Phedon Papamichael

There are seminars as well.  They start out with a bang, with a conversation with Janusz Kaminski and Phedon Papamichael.  Friday offers a variety of seminars detailing shooting with specific cameras such as the Alexa and the F65, with Sony, Kodak, and FujiFilm presenting.

Saturday, Cine Gear gets the jump on E3 with its panel on cinematography in video games and virtual entertainment.  Canon and Technicolor are in the mix as presenters.

On Sunday, master classes are held at various locations around L.A., including one on financing and distribution.  That one’s led by John Michaels, producer for & president of WR Films in Beverly Hills.  There’s also an interesting one called “On-Set/Near-Set Digital Dailies using Gamma and Density’s 3cP and iPad Previews.”

Technology is moving so fast that it’s incumbent on the filmmaker to acclimate herself with the new tools….  Cine Gear seems a good place to start.

And then, for me, on to E3!!!


–Ken Choy

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