Day 1 of AM2 is upon us.

And Wide Lantern is a proud media partner.  As you’ve seen if you clicked on our AM2 home page ad link, AM2 is the anime, manga, and music festival with panels, lots of live activities, meet-and-greets, concerts, expo, and much more.  All held in Anaheim over the coming weekend.

Here’s a look at some of what’s going on Friday.

  • A Masquerade Ball and Dance highlight the day (though this might be Saturday; there may be an error on the schedule as there’s also one on Saturday…we’ll have to dig further)
  • Fashion Show and concert.
  • Panels
  • Contest panels such as Whose Line is it Anime; Who’s That Character; Grand Otaku Debate
  • How To Draw My Little Pony
  • Special Effects Makeup for CosPlay
  • Otaku Singled Out—a chance to meet your Anime love…or not.


Admission is free, with passports available to buy to access express lines and special events and prizes.



–Ken Choy

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