Best booth experience at E3: The Walking Dead from Telltale Games (based on Robert Kirkman’s original comic books/series).

Tried to make an appointment to check it out off a press e-mail I received.  Press rep who sent it was unresponsive.  But along with one of my convention buds, Cirina Catania, I was making my way to another appointment when we happened upon the Walking Dead booth….

We asked if there were any openings for press screenings.  We were in luck!  I ditched my previous appointment.

Now the game was more “morality choices” than “shoot-em-up,” and it’s shoot-em-up that I’m more into.  I love killing … in the most virtual of senses, of course.  But although there wasn’t enough of that, they did serve gigantic BBQ turkey legs.  Yum!

We were supposed to eat them served in a pseudo severed hand or foot.  Too kitschy?

No way.  Loved every moment of it.  What, isn’t the point of the show–E3 and AMC’s The Walking Dead–to be kitschy and over-the-top?\


Photos by June Czerwinski

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