May sweeps is ending, and I’m just getting caught up prior to an upcoming chaotic two months of back-to-back fests and conventions.

My overall consensus: Some shows were dirt poor, but there were gems to be found.

First off, I’m concerned about the Amazing Race winners.  The team that set a record of eight first-place wins, including the last million-dollar leg, was a married couple from Wisconsin: an Army combat pilot and his wife.  Derisive and denigrating, Dave seemed to harbor deep anger toward his wife, Rachel.  He constantly talked down to her and scolded her for things she didn’t do.  “Rachel, when you unzip my bag, zip it back up.”  “I didn’t touch your bag, Dave.”

Good for her for shouting back several times, “Shut the f— up!”  It came as no surprise that it was Rachel’s feats that won the pair the money in the end.  I suggest she take her share and leave Dave.  He should take his and get some therapy.


After several weeks, I’m starting to decompress after the whirlwind that was the Grey’s Anatomy finale.  The finale messed with my brain.  It gave me PTSD.

I’m shocked by the bloodletting.  I’ve compared it to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, speaking about it in horror to a fellow Potterhead and Grey’s groupie.

It’s been widely publicized that Shonda Rhimes pointedly left deaths and lives hanging in the finale in light of ongoing contract negotiations.

One cast member is gone for good — unless Rhimes wants to change the hospital to Seattle Grave (I never caught the Seattle Grace-Grey’s homophone — add that to why Grey’s Anatomy may be one of the greatest TV titles around).

Another cast member has left the show as well.

It’s also been publicized that the original cast members have signed on for two more years.  That still leaves the fate of some cast up in the air.  Rhimes went on Twitter to explain the departures, but even if you find out before watching, you’ll still feel like your emotions barely survived the plane crash.

***And this just in: Tim Daly is not returning to Private Practice.


The Modern Family finale seemed anti-climactic compared to the brilliantly written episode the previous week.  “Tableau Vivant” was so good; the episode drew on the genius of the whole writing staff (ep was credited with 3 writers).  The finale blended all the elements and characters masterfully.  Everything gelled to perfection.


On Hawaii Five-0, there’s a nice twist with Ian Anthony Dale’s character.   Hopefully we’ll see more of his pecs.  I ran into him at Comic-Con last year. He’s one of those guys who make you think you have Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome.


American Idol: bad singer wins again.


Dancing With the Stars: I’ve only seen clips of the finale but watched the entire season.  I like Donald Glover, but he wasn’t the best dancer.


Celebrity Apprentice: Who cares … but what was with all the gay blasts at George Takei?  And Aubrey O’Day saying Tia Carrere is in her 50s?  She’s in her 40s, thank you very much.


Survivor: Didn’t really pay attention.  I like to watch shows to do housework to.  They’re “Shows-You-Have-On-But-Don’t-Really-Watch.”


House series ender was good but not great.  The same could be said of the Desperate Housewives finale, though I did cry a lot.  I also cried throughout the whole “Gleeduation” episode of Glee.  (See my other comments on the future of the show.)


Once Upon a Time did manage a “What’s going to happen” next season, but I’m not sure how long they can sustain interest.


Certainly leaving people on the edge of their seats was The Good Wife.  With some of the best writing on television, the show mines the drama of interpersonal relationships like no other.  Next season someone returns to Kalinda’s life she doesn’t want to see again.  In fact, she waits in a chair facing the front door with a loaded gun.


The season endings for many of the comedies didn’t impress, even 30 Rock’s ender.  I consider 30 Rock to be brilliant the majority of the time, so the season finale was a letdown.


I’m going to try to watch some of Veep and the Hatfields and McCoys before my convention tour, along with hopes for better TV next season.


And in a few weeks?  True Blood anyone?!



–Ken Choy

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