You’ve waited for our X Games (held late June/early July in downtown L.A.) coverage, and now you’ve got it.  A world record started the day out with excitement. Unfortunately it ended in a horrific crash.

If you’ve ever played with Hot Wheels as a kid, Saturday at the X Games was where you wanted to be.  The X Games and Mattel erected a six-story vertical loop in downtown L.A.  It was a replica of the iconic Hot Wheels track.

  • 125 tons of Plywood and Steel
  • 500 gallons of orange paint

Two drivers raced simultaneously through one loop, then jumped 70 feet through the air to the opposite one.  A wild ten-second experience.

Greg Tracy, who was in front, said he wanted to make sure he didn’t want to make a mistake, as Tanner Foust was right behind him.   Tracy also said that the driver has to be prepared for the 7 g’s to hit and make a concerted effort not to black out.

But there was a mishap.  Tracy’s windshield was broken — not directly because of the drive, but because Tracy was so excited after finishing that he jumped on his car and fell, his windshield breaking his fall.

At night, in an extremely tight and challenging semi-final, Nate Adams and Edgar Torronteras battled for the lead, with Torronteras trying to squeeze by Adams.  Into the first lap, Torronteras didn’t budge as the two drivers approached the ramp. Both hit the air simultaneously but Torronteras’ backflip went wrong, and he plummeted down hard.  While Torronteras never lost consciousness, he was taken to the hospital for further examination.

That was but one of the falls on Saturday, which included a bone-chilling Rally Car crash in which the driver narrowly escaped death as smoke billowed from his smashed vehicle.  More thrills on tap, especially for the Moto X Enduro.

—–Ken Choy

June Czerwinski photos

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