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7:14 PM Taka Higashino was talked about by ESPN as the one to beat prior to the Moto X freestyle competition beginning at the Staples Center. And he did not disappoint.

Following a wipeout by Andre Villa, Higashino thrilled the arena by debuting a new trick—a backflip Rock Solid double grab—and stretching out moves to the max to seize the lead of the first round with a score of 93.33. But the big guns including Adam Jones and defending champion Nate Adams are yet to come.

With a field of 10 from 7 countries, the world has come to LA for X Games 2012.

7:21 PM Chile’s Javier Villegas had an outstanding ride with one flaw that couldn’t move him beyond third of those who rode thus far.

Yet to come defending gold medalist Adams.

7:27 PM Medical staff says Villa won’t go ahead with second round after fall. Athletes will have to adjust their prep time.

7:32 PM Adam Jones’ ride pushes Villegas off of podium

7:33 Levi Sherwood from Australia thrills the crowd with spectacular moves. Goes into second. Here comes Nate Adams coming back from a 10 month hiatus.

7:36 Crowd’s not reacting much to Adams’ ride. Somewhat sedate. Will he knock Taka off gold medal position?

No, Higashino holds gold medal position. Adams in third.

7:51PM Everyone’s gunning for Taka as the second round begins.

ESPN’s sportscasters trying to rev up the crowd during runs. It’s working during Higashino’s run. The Osaka born athlete did not beat his 1st round score of 93.33, but maintains the lead. He scored 92.33 in his second run.

8:10 With an outstanding run, did Todd Potter overtake Higashino?

8:17 Taka still in the lead with the two top scoring runs.

8:25PM Take Higashino takes the gold. Last year he won the bronze and now he is the first gold medalist from Japan.

Higashino will compete in the Moto X Best Trick competition on Friday.



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