Alright, here’s another report you’ve been waiting for on June/July’s X Games in L.A.  Moto X Enduro is similar to those Japanese game shows where contestants have to perform crazy feats to win the prize.

But the prize — and the falls and costs — are all too real.

Straight off the ramp, the riders ride over a set of logs, then up a treacherous hill of rocks, then race toward a pit of rocks, a water hazard, and then a pit of wood chips.  And they perform this six times.  As the race goes on, the obstacle course takes its toll on the riders.  Requiring tremendous upper-arm strength, and the rider must scale that rock hill, with his or her wheels getting stuck in the crevices.

Change of leadership is common with each set of obstacles brutalizing the rider each lap.  Riders who lead the field can get trapped in a pit and find themselves eating the dirt of the pack.  It’s tremendously exciting even for those not remotely interested in Xtreme sports.

Nyjah Huston did not repeat his gold medal in Skateboard Street at the 2012 X Games, settling for bronze this year.

In a rarity for Xtreme Sports, 40-year-old Kevin Robinson took a bronze medal in Big Air and Mike Brown became the oldest X Games medalist when he took the gold in Moto X Enduro X.

The X Games’s crowd matched both the fanaticism and the turnout for the Anime Expo, with attendees co-habitating without incident.  Though at the Viz Media panel, there was a talk about a throw down: “Anime fans carry weapons!”

No throwdown, but definitely awesome tricks, world records, and sick skills were on display at the X Games this year.

Just a note: Media and the athletes are always well taken care of at the X Games, a refreshing change from the attitudes of the stuffy entertainment types I usually deal with at entertainment-related fests and conventions.

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