If you haven’t yet explored L.A. public TV station KCET’s amazing ARTBOUND website, go now.  We’ll wait.

Cool, right?  Learn about the work of an array of fascinating artists doing funky work across multiple disciplines … either by reading great articles about them or by watching beautifully produced video.  Comment on what you’ve read and you’re in effect voting, lending support to editors’ choices as to which articles should be made into videos.

And now, something new: A select set of those videos will air on KCET-TV, L.A.’s public television station, starting August 16.  Quoting show EP Juan Devis (who is also KCET’s superlative Director of Production and Program Development) from the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts website:

“We are very excited to produce ARTBOUND for KCET and the community, and provide numerous entry points for our audience to experience the vast cultural landscape of our region. Southern California is a polyglot cultural and artistic area with international reach,” says Juan Devis, KCET’s Director of Production and Program Development and executive producer for the series. “It takes an innovative initiative such as this one to capture the many voices and ideas that make Southern California one of the most exciting places for the arts in the world today.”

To celebrate the television premiere of ARTBOUND, KCET is throwing a modest screening party (tasteful it will be, we’re sure), and you’re invited.  Here’s what you need to know.  Go.  Watch.  Eat a little.  Commune with like-minded aesthetes.  See the culture.  Be the culture.




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