I’ve heard of Pop-Up dining before: A while back, one iteration of it took culinary elegance out of its traditional restaurant setting and moved fine dining on board an excavated school bus.

Pop-Up dining has evolved.  Inspired by flash mobs, Pop-Up picnics are the new meals du jour around the world, and now they’re coming to L.A.

Guests wear all-white and bring their own food and supplies.  What’s the point, you ask?

Along with entertainment, PopUp Dinner L.A provides a venue for communal enjoyment of good food and wine with like-minded folks.  Toss in a sense of mystery (the location won’t be revealed until a few hours prior to the event), and it all starts to feel like an underground rave, only for diners.

Those who prefer to dine on a yet-to-be-revealed chef’s creations can purchase pre-ordered baskets.

All happening August 25 from 5-11pm.

Something different to whet your appetite, whether it be for food, adventure, or both.


–Ken Choy

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