I’ve always said that the San Diego Asian Film Festival is one of the better APIA film festivals around.  Not only do they put on a great weeklong event in the fall, but SDAFF also has excellent programs throughout the year.  It’s time again to take a look at the main event, coming up November 1 – 9 in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego.

What strikes me about SDAFF is the heart and thought put in the programming and management.  No doubt its executive director, LeeAnn Kim, has a lot to do with what SDAFF is.  A former star news anchor, Kim makes a personal connection with guests, staff, and volunteers equally — she doesn’t just stick to the VIPs.

Also notable is the excitement the SDAFF crew exudes.  You don’t see that at the L.A. Asian Pacific fest.  Brrr, there.

Now that it’s three months out, SDAFF is offering All-Festival Passes, but only 80 are left.  For a $150 member price, it’s a bang-up deal.  More details about the deal here.

USA Today names SDAFF as one of their ten reasons to visit San Diego.  Can’t argue with the country’s #1 print newspaper, now can we?


–Ken Choy

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