For the network often credited with reviving the sitcom, NBC has yet to find its way back.  Previews for Go On and Animal Practice were offered up prior to the start of the fall season.  It seems the network is hedging its bets on manic comedy rather than compelling characters and plot.  They’re a long way from The Cosby Show heyday.

Granted, these were just pilot episodes, but with sitcoms once again showing strength, the networks are going to have to do better.

I’m headed to watch The New Normal.  I think Jason Bartha is adorable in the National Treasure movies — any more of these, Disney? — but will have to be convinced that he make a good half of a gay couple.

Parenthood’s new season just launched, joining Grimm, The Voice, X Factor, which all had their returns this week.  And soon, Glee.


–Ken Choy

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