L.A. will be in 3D in two weeks (September 20 – 22).

First up is the 5th Annual 3D Summit.  Focusing on how 3D is continuing to evolve the entertainment industry, the event will be held at Hollywood and Highland, just a couple of metro stops away for me!

One of the panels I’m looking forward to is “What Makes 3D Good?”  I mean, it’s all well and good to kinda sorta feel like something maybe popped out at you, but as a consumer, I want to know what’s going to make the higher ticket price justifiable.

Here’s a rundown of events:

September 19, 2012 – 8:30am – 6:30pm

8:30am Registration & Coffee

8:45am Opening Remarks

9:00am Industry Research

9:50am Panel Session – The New Global 3D Marketplace
What is the opportunity in 3D re-releases internationally? How has China’s opening up of distribution quotas for 3D films impacted studio projects? Who are the key content and technology partners for the new international 3D economy?

10:40am Coffee Break – Visit The Entertainment Technology Showcase – Sponsored By Volfoni

11:00am Special Presentation

11:20am Special Presentation

11:55pm Exhibition Technology for 3D Motion Pictures
What is the Ultimate 3D Experience for Audiences? An exploration into how movie making and exhibitor communities are working to create the ultimate in theater 3D viewing experience. As technology quickly advances lighting, color grading and exhibition has become a forefront issue associated with a high quality end product. What factors play into weighing upgrades versus cost. Panelists will address current issues, trends and opportunities surrounding the optimal presentation of 3D movies.

12:45pm Networking Lunch – Visit the Entertainment Technology Showcase

1:45pm Keynote Address

2:20pm Future of 3D at Home
Broadcast, Blu-ray, VOD and More. What are the new drivers for 3D viewing at home? How has the extensive 3D Olympics’ broadcasts impacted the future of this technology? What is the state of the market for 3D Blu-ray – as there are increasing numbers of 3D theatrical releases week after week?

3:20pm 3D Hollywood Masters
What makes good 3D? James Cameron has described 3D as “an intimate window into a compelling reality”. It is gospel to many that the future of 3D relies on good 3D. How are storytellers using tools and technology such as cinematography, high frame rates, 4K projection, conversion, color and sound to enhance their story? Which future technologies will best enhance filmmakers to continue to tell great stories in 3D.

4:00pm Coffee Break – Visit the Entertainment Technology Showcase

4:15pm 3D Live Events 3D Alternate Content & Venues
What Genres are accelerating in 3D and What distribution methods and venues are proving to most successfully engage the audience.

5:05pm Closing Day One Featured Presentation

5:30pm Evening Networking Cocktail Reception

·         September 20, 2012 – 9:00am – 4:00pm

8:30am Registration & Coffee

8:45am Opening Remarks

9:00am Challenges amidst elevated expectations – the public point of view
Elevated expectations challenge public companies working along the 3D stereoscopic value chain. Over the past 6+ years since the dawn of the modern 3D movie era, companies all along the value chain, from feature films to 3D TV and on to games, have been facing the various challenges, and at times, rewards as a result of their involvement in the industry niche. Some of the elevated expectations have been created by journalists, some by Wall St. analysts and some by the companies themselves. This panel will discuss the challenges of being a publicly traded company working along the 3D stereoscopic value chain from two points of view: the role of investment professional/research analyst and that of executives with publicly traded companies. Attendees will hear what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear.

9:55am Opening Keynote Address

10:30am The State of Marketing 3D – Strategies in Exciting Consumers
Studios, retailers and manufacturers all have a vested interest in consumers buying 3D TVs. What are the latest strategies in advocating about this technology? What are the results of recent campaigns, such as the Hollywood director series by the International 3D Society? Is there a role for social media/viral campaigns in firing up consumers about 3D, as this is a popular entertainment industry marketing tactic? How are retailers pushing this technology in stores and online?

11:15am Coffee Break – Visit The Entertainment Technology Showcase

11:30am Special 3D Visionary Award Presentation
12:05pm Pre-lunch featured Keynote

12:45pm Networking Lunch – Visit the Entertainment Technology Showcase

1:45pm Panel Session – The Growing Business of 3D Re-Releases
Increasing numbers of catalog films are being made over for 3D – what is the business opportunity? Who are the creative and technology pioneers in this field? What is key in picking projects for 3D re-release potential?

2:45pm The 3D Opportunity in China
China recently decided to allow more Hollywood films to be distributed in its country if they are in 3D. How is this impacting the studio development process for 3D – will we see more 3D releases if it means better opportunities to tap into this sizeable audience market? Production and distribution chiefs will explore how China and 3D are becoming important new partners in growing the global entertainment marketplace.

3:40pm Coffee Break – Visit the Entertainment Technology Showcase

3:55pm Panel Session – Is 3D Getting Smarter?
With smart phones, tablets, user generated 3D devices, 3D personal viewers and connected entertainment all in the mix, is there a screen that will surpass the others?

4:45pm Closing Remarks

Overlapping by a day and following that, 3D moves to downtown for the 3D Film & Music Festival 5th Anniversary.  Packed with screenings, panels, lounges, and a slew of parties, L.A. Live’s Regal Cinemas will be the hub for the event, which includes an award show featuring a performance by Quincy Jones.

The complete schedule has not been posted yet but tickets can be bought on their eventbrite page.  Check out the free tickets as well — while they last!



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