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Do you want to be known as a party whore?  Or freeloader?  Show up at enough free events and you may be categorized as one.

I’ve been outspoken about freeloading journalists, those scumbags who falsify credentials in order to gain access to events such as Comic-Con and movie premieres.  Another technique is to procure a crew/camera position with a covering journalist and then not complete the work.  I’ve become very selective about choosing crew and collaborators now, as previously I’ve used people who were supposed to be working but were always late and never provided deliverables.  In truth, I believe they were just scamming me to get inside an event.  And I’ve discovered that some subsequently try to re-apply under the auspices of my credentials without my knowledge.  Very sleazy.

And I don’t mind calling them out.

Coincidentally, some of these party whores came to the Blacklava party I helped with this past weekend.

These party whores are like poor man’s versions of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.  But instead of being excited that they’ve crashed, you’re somewhat embarrassed to be at the same event.  Their presence devalues the whole affair.

I believe the reason there are so many floundering people in the entertainment industry is because people don’t use common sense.  And while everyone doles out advice to “go out and network,” advice on procedures for said networking isn’t proferred much.

Here’s one of mine:

Don’t look like a mooch. Quality interaction is more valuable than quantity.



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