Man, I’m ready for the L.A. Auto Show.  The OC Auto Show was this past weekend.  Billed as one of the first events debuting 2013 car models, the OC show isn’t as huge as its L.A. counterpart, but I had fun nonetheless.

The Jeep off-road demo Camp Jeep was the highlight.  Attendees had the opportunity to ride in several models thru an obstacle course that demonstrates Jeep vehicles’ maneuverability and agility in off-road hazards, with both common and uncommon hazards to be found.

We drove on logs, clung to a 30-degree wedge, and kept torque with one wheel in the air trekking over large rocks.  Ground clearance, traction, stability, and articulation features were definitely put to the test on the course, and the vehicles passed with flying colors.  It sure was a wild ride — often with more thrills than could be found across the street at Disneyland.

provided by Jeepprovided by Jeep

The most impressive feature of the Jeep line of vehicles was one that comes standard, the Hill Descent Control.  In descending the 18-foot-high, 35-degree Jeep Mountain, the Hill Descent Control enabled steady decline without manual braking.  The vehicle did it all by itself.

With Quadra-Lift air suspension, a push of a button enables a maximum ground clearance of 10.7.

provided by Jeep

I wouldn’t have minded a test drive with the Fiat Abarth 500, but alas it wasn’t meant to be.  Imagining the Abarth on the Camp Jeep course — or my Prius — kept me laughing.

Another feature I liked was on the new Honda Accord, which had a side-view camera lane assist.  Great for seeing motorcycles otherwise out of view, the feature can also guide you to park perfectly, helping you not scrape the crap out of your car when you park.

I sure needed that last night.

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