It’s already been retweeted, and I only managed a “here it is” post on my GizmoPorn site, but the full video of the Disney/ABC TV Writing Program panel at WonderCon 2013 is up on YouTube.

The panel features program alumni Jane Espenson (ABC’s Once Upon a Time), Samantha Humphrey (ABC’s Body of Proof), Silvia Cardenas Olivas (Disney Channel’s Jessie), and Kaita Mpambara (Disney XD’s Aaron Stone) along with current program participant Kristine Huntley (Legend of the Seeker) and Disney/ABC’s Frank Bennett Gonzalez and Ollie Ashtari-Larki.

It was a packed room with no more than 20 empty seats.  (The room was shut off from the Con public as it got underway, or it may well have been even more full.)


Samantha Humphrey and Jane Espenson

We were privileged to have WonderCon special guest Jane Espenson join us for half the panel.  She had a packed weekend, with signings and numerous panel appearances.  While she didn’t provide any plot secrets of Once Upon a Time — very sly answering, Ms. Espenson — her insight into the workings of the writers’ room were invaluable.

The Writing Program certainly picks dynamic people, as shown by the quality of the panelists.  Not to mention their generosity.  For them to drive all the way to Anaheim in and of itself shows a willingness to nurture young talent, but to top that off, the panelists spoke with attendees for more than 45 minutes after the event.

Here are some raves.

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I’m next working with the Talent Development department on some ideas for Comic-Con.  If we get approved, hopefully we can put even more attendees in the spotlight — that garnered positive feedback this time around.

The panel built impressively upon last year’s well-received and well-attended precursor, and thanks to Robert Lee and his Ideate TV crew, the video and sound to come out of it were clearer, so check it out:

WonderCon 2013 Panel: The Disney/ABC’s of TV Writing: TV Writers Room


–Ken Choy

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