Gwyneth Paltrow gets a lot of hate because she can do anything. And she does it well.

Much of the backlash comes from women. They hated her when she dated Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck, when she married Chris Martin, and even when she named her kid “Apple.” They hate that she can sing, cook, and speak Spanish fluently in various regional accents. And they mock Goop, her lifestyle website venture. But most would trade their lives with her in a second.

She is after all, at 40 years old, an action hero.

Goop isn’t about living Gwyneth Paltrow’s life. Paltrow acts more as an intermediary for her audience in attaining advice from some of the most influential people in the world. With all her accomplishments, you’d think Paltrow would be egocentric. But she’s not. She’s actually very self-effacing.

If it’s true that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, Paltrow says that for her “everything stays on TMZ for the rest of her life.”

That was one of the quips Paltrow shared as she gave the keynote address at the Licensing Expo 2013. Another:

“If a rockstar with a cause is the 1st scourge upon the earth, the 2nd would be an actress with a business plan.”

Goop does not have any advertising nor does it accept payment for product placement or reviews. It’s a community. And it does not have a roadmap for growth. Goop doesn’t sustain itself from leeching off of Paltrow’s name either.

While it doesn’t seem like an impressive business model, Goop is now seeking limited collaborations with brands. There’s a recently installed Goop store, and the website is developing new ventures. However in keeping with the website’s ideals, growth is organic. There’s a Goop city guide app, and a flagship gym in LA. Goop also appears on AOL’s Second Chances series.

With her partnership with fitness guru Tracy Anderson, a digital customized fitness program was developed. Mirroring Anderson’s routines that she developed for Paltrow, new content is added every 10 days. There’s a foray into hard core fitness clothes, fitness equipment, and a successful food delivery program.

Intent with the mindset that “celebrity” is not the synonymous with “authority,” Paltrow offers her own tastes on Goop—everything that appears on the website she stands by and utilizes.

Apparently those who love Paltrow outnumber those who do not. And whatever side of the fence they are on, there are many who like what she likes. Goop extends to over 120 countries.


–Ken Choy

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