Comic-Con legs will get a little more tired this year.  In a major revamp of the expo floor, Video Game Corner has shifted to the opposite side of the hall, taking over where merchants were stationed.  This move frees up the usual congestion near the always busy WB booth and allows increased exposure of the smaller booths to the throngs.

Or to get knocked over.

Videogame makers THQ belly flopped.  Activision is gone for reasons I’ve sworn not to reveal.  And inexplicably Sony Playstation and Online has dropped its conjunction with Sony Pictures.  The company, even as its finances moderately improved, must have predicted the failure of After Earth and forfeited the SDCC real estate.

Acreage on Comic-Con can be paid for years in advance.

Left in the wake of the shuffling, CBS, AMC, and ABC are clumped in close promimity to WB, with FOX jumping an aisle closer.

ABC and AMC focus on more experience-based promotions (tho “experience” is used tenuously — The Neighbors tool shed presentation anyone?).  CBS, FOX, and WB program a constant array of autograph sessions and giveaways.

At E3, there was some hinting that Disney Infinity’s silk-screening station would come to SDCC.  If that took place on the floor, it’d be incumbent on SDCC to enforce Timed Tickets [explanation here] to clear the expected clogging.

ABC’s move into what’s now TV terrain may ignite some tussling with Lionsgate/Summit.  Giveaways at those booths never end.  Summit does bring a smaller silk screening press machine, and after years of attending and reporting, I still don’t know how people get tickets for those T-shirts.

The loser will undoubtedly be Funimation.  The only action that booth seems to get is the fast poster-grab while standing in line for Hunger Games and Twilight swag.

Square Enix and Konami are staying put in the center of the fray.

Going back to the Video Game Corner — it should have more breathing room, though mostly their presence on the floor is a preview of what’s seen off-site. Usually, at the Marriott, Nintendo fans can easily hop over to the gaming suite.  But last year the Xbox Lounge was at the Hard Rock Hotel, nearest the other end of the floor.

As great as the convention can be, before the five days of Comic-Con are up, attendees might truly feel like the Walking Dead.


–Ken Choy

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