CBS is adding only six shows to its 2013-’14 schedule.

“Only” is a key word.

Sandrine Holt: the only Asian American female to join the network.

Sandrine Holt stars in "Hostages"

Kal Penn: the only Asian American male to join the network.

There are two African American males cast in new shows on CBS: J.B. Smoove and Billy Brown.

Billy Brown stars in "Hostages"

Monk star Tony Shalhoub is Lebanese and is cast in We Are Men.

Out of the 35 new roles on CBS, 19 are played by Caucasian males and 11 are filled by Caucasian females.

This reporting is based in part on Internet research on actors’ bios.   We’ve not been able to find Latinos new to CBS this year.

Check out how ABC is doing.

–Ken Choy

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