A lot of people are shipping Tyson and Aras (maybe they should/could get something going)….


Judging from the tweets, many Survivor fans suspect a budding relationship on the new season of the CBS show.  On episode 2, Tyson and Aras were doing some gay canoodling (term stolen from Jane Espenson and Brad Bell’s Husbands) at the campfire, as captured by night vision.

Only problem is, this season is called “Blood Vs. Water” — each veteran Survivor competitor is joined by a friend or family member, but they compete on different teams.

Aras’s brother is on the other side of the island and teamed with Tyson’s GIRLFRIEND.

But at the campfire, Aras holed himself up between Tyson’s knees while Tyson collapsed his arms around him.

It was kinda hot.  And judging by the numerous tweets, the audience approves.

Why shouldn’t they?  The “other” gay couple is drama-stirring Colton and Caleb.  The latter has been relatively subdued and is going along with the male alliance.  At the beginning of the third episode, Colton took himself out of the game, crying on the lap of Caleb.

Despite Colton’s antics, the Tyson and Aras coupling is way more interesting. In the 3rd episode, he invited people to lick and eat his cupcake belt.

Almost as hot as Alexander Skarsgård going full monty on the season finale of True Blood.


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