I’m not a prude.  In my mind, people can do whatever they want as long as their actions don’t affect others negatively.  Your own morals should be reserved for yourself, not imposed on others.

That’s why  when I watch The Bachelor (on rare occasions) I couldn’t care less whether some dude is intimate with 30 other females in the span of three hours.  Or how…errr…deeply involved and how…uhhh…expansive the field may be.  It’s their lives, not mine.  But when it comes to the same dude sticking his organs — whether it be tongue or what have you — in various people and then attacking the morality of gays, that’s when I’m like Tom Joad.

Believe it or not, this new “Bacchanalist” flashing his pecs to the entire world says that gays are, “more pervert in a sense.”

In that odd ramble, Juan Pablo Galavis said that it would be “too hard for TV” to show two men with kids.  I honestly can’t understand the excerpt that The TV Page released.  Maybe it’s in the editing, but there sure seem to be actual homophobic statements there.

But even so, you guessed it, he has a lot of gay friends.

The TV Page also has an audio recording of his statements.

What’s “hard to watch” is an idiot bigot on TV.

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