As supporters of diversity, it’s that time of year to do some self-promotion. Because we’re supporters of self-promotion as well.

In fact, with the latest panel of Disney/ABC Creative Talent Development at Wondercon Anaheim, self-promotion is what it’s all about. The panel is on pitching. But not pitching a project. It’s about pitching yourself. Easy to do? Maybe not.

Writers typically have a hard time talking about themselves. If that’s not a problem for you, can you condense your life story into a 30 second blurb? Yeah, getting harder, huh?


It takes a lot of gumption and a lot of winnowing down to get the right pitch and tone. It takes time.

If you haven’t thought about your own pitch, you have a week.

Because during the panel, some attendees will have the opportunity to perform their personal pitch in front of the esteemed panelists and audience.

At the Wondercon panel last year, I brought up Chris Rafferty. I found his profile on the MySchedule app via the Wondercon website. He seemed ready to be a writer. You can see his pitch here.

Not so impressed. Well, it did give Chris the boost he needed. And guess what? He just completed the Warner Brothers Workshop.

We can’t promise that level of success, but we’re willing to listen. But probably up to a couple of minutes. But prepare 30 second, a minute, a three minute just in case…

Manager, Creative Talent Development Emerlynn Lampitoc at San Diego Comic-Con

On the panel: Lily Mariye who spent 14 years on ER and is an award winning writer and director. Along with Rob Greenlea, Mariye is a current Disney/ABC director fellow. Greenlea has directed two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy—his second airs right after Wondercon on April 24th. Mariye and Greenlea will be joined on stage by writers Nelson Soler and Ubah Mohamed.

Con Attendee Pitches Self at Wondercon

Soler was most recently producer on Ravenswood and has written and/or produced for Lincoln Heights, The Bachelor, Latin Grammy Awards, Alma Awards, and Single Ladies. Mohamed has already earned fans of her genre script writing, several cheering her selection of this year’s Disney/ABC Writing Program.

And I’ll be repping Wide Lantern as moderator. And the one with the clock. EEEERNNHHH. Fortunately the panelists aren’t as cruel as I am.

All happening in Anaheim, Friday April 18 at 1PM in Room 207. Line up. The Frozen panel directly follows our panel, and they do not clear rooms!

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