News was released that a suit was filed against director Bryan Singer alleging sexual abuse.

Timely because Singer is expected to show up at a panel for X Men: Days of Future Past at Wondercon. He’s also expected to meet with the press in a roundtable style interview set up. Usually it turns out to be a mini-panel in front of press who ask even stupider questions than attendees.

I was debating whether or not to request press admittance because attending the media interviews for FOX would mean missing the Warner Brothers panel. So I decided not to.

If I went, I’d ask about his relationship with Tom Sigel, the noted cinematographer and whom I house sat for in the early 90s. They’ve done such great work together, and I wanted to know how they choose a visual style with each subsequent film.

But I guess everyone will ask about these claims—if indeed Singer does show up.

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