Redbox is great for catching up with movies. Especially when they send you free rental codes every week.

Hint: Those “Rent One, Get One Free” codes work on just one rental. You do not have to pay for another movie.

I didn’t hear anything good about Jason Bateman’s directorial debut Bad Words. And that’s not good. Because it’s a Good movie, done in by hypocritical critics propagating a puritanical agenda.

Many cited the lead character (also played by Bateman) as unlikeable. Well, anti-heroes have been a staple of storytelling since time began. There is no definable Save the Cat moment for Bateman, but the charm that he imbues his Guy with makes you root for him—even when his 40 year old character wins a Kid’s regional Spelling Bee. The closest thing to an STC moment is with the contrast of charismatic Guy to the dictatorial spelling bee administrators and smarmy kids. I’ll root for the funny asshole over the plain asshole anytime.

The movie was hated so much that critics faulted everything including the acting, directing, writing, concept, and probably the Arri Alexa camera used by DP Ken Seng. The script incidentally was on the 2011 Blacklist. Witty and irreverent, it does have redemption of Guy, despite what critics maintain.

And while some tightening could have kept indulgences from hiccoughing the pace, the end result is satisfying. Offering a revolving roster of antagonists is probably the main problem area, but the film manages ups and downs and a fun twist.

And that twist does not involve the reason behind Guy’s mission to win the National tournament.

It involves a 10 year old competitor, Chaitanya Chopra played by the adorable Rohan Chand. The kid is really amazing—every moment honest and layered. Chand is currently in Hundred Foot Journey and will be Mowgli in the latest Jungle Book adaptation. He also was Abu Nazir’s son who died in Homeland. He should be a big star.

So don’t listen to those assholes—see the motherfucking movie.

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