I won’t be going to Bent-Con this year. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

The Con with a LGBT focus but not exclusively to that runs November 7-9 at the Burbank Marriot. An easy way to get there is by metro with a free Super Shuttle to the airport from the North Hollywood station. The Marriot is across the street from the airport. You do need a reservation to the airport but not to return. Be aware that the free rides aren’t available at certain hours.

So now you know how to get there and as I said, you definitely should. It does come at a hectic time, the full rev up of awards season. With a flurry of screenings and the LA Auto Show upcoming as well as the competing BlizzCon, the convention is in a rough period. The Beverly Hills Wine and Food Festival moved to April due to the crowded calendar.

The talks are what you want to see. This year Anne Rice will be appearing for a live version of son Christopher Rice’s The Dinner Party Show. Jane Espenson and Brad Bell will appear for Husbands while Phil Jimenez will host several panels, including a talk with Conner Habib, a gay port star and outspoken columnist.

Several panels including one hosted by Jimenez will tackle diversity issues. Eagle Con will host a panel about their event and the issues it tackles. Jimenez’s panel will explore class and people of color as depicted in comics. There’s also a diversity in gaming panel. Generally, the panels at Bent-Con are 90 minutes so there’s time to get into the discussion more deeply.

Note that this is where I first encountered the self-indulgent volunteer who made speeches prior to the panels in her room. It was more for her benefit than anything as far as relaying relevant information and took away time from what was on the schedule. Let’s hope she was talked to about her behavior.

Gaming, masquerade ball, art gallery, films, and an exhibit hall as well as a pool party all await at Bent-Con.


–Ken Choy

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